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Mobile Infusions

Relax! And let us come to You!

If you are too sick, hung over or jet lagged to make it to the clinic, Relax! We will come to you. Enjoy treatment in the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room. We offer our full menu of infusions and injections to individuals and parties. 

Mobile Infusions are Great For:

  • Bachelor/Wedding Parties

  • Sporting Events

  • Gyms

  • Personal Residence

  • Hotel

How It Works:

  • Start by calling (504) 321-4625 to set an appointment                                                           *25% Deposit required for parties of 3 or more people

  • A Paramedic or Nurse will arrive at your location and assess vital signs of each patient         * Additional Nurse or Assistant will accompany for larger parties 

  • A FaceTime call will be made to the Physician 

  • Clinician will initiate IV infusion and treatment typically takes 30-60 minutes per person

*Hangover Treatment

Consuming Alcoholic Beverages due many things to the body including porducing more urine which causes dehydration, triggers an inflammatort response from your immune system, irritate your stomach lining and decrease blood sugar all over which can lead to the dreaded HANGOVER!

Hangover Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Weakness

*Sporting Events

Athletes lose electrolyes such as magnesium and sodium through perspiration and must replace these minerals in order to perform at optimal levels. So whether you are an athlete needing rehydration after a weigh-in or just need a boost in energy for a competitive edge on Game Day...We have what you need

  • Endurance IV

  • CoQ10 Injection

  • B12 Injection

Mobile fees include:

  • $50 per person with Max of $150 for parties of 6 people or less

  • $200 for parties of 6-10 people

  • $250 for parties of greater that 10 people

  • Parties are responsible for parking costs which will be added to the bill at the completion of services 

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Appointment Only

appointments available outside of normal business hours*

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