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Optimize Performance            Reduce Recovery Times

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N.E The Works

This Super-blend of vitamins is designed to provide the body with everything that it needs to operate at the highest possible performance level. We pack tons of vitamins into the IV blend, including BCAAs, Arginine and Carnitine which it is why its called "The Works"


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N.E Re-Hydrate

This Infusion is simple yet effective. N.E Re-Hydrate is 1000ml Normal Saline...That's it! If dehydration is your only complaint, this might be your best option.


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N.E Endurance

Our blend is designed with the athlete in mind.The Athletic IV can be administered before an upcoming workout or sporting event to optimize performance or administered after an intense workout to speed recovery and reduce post workout muscle soreness. 


Why CoQ10?

  • Co-Enzyme Q10 plays a vital role in the production of ATP inside of the Mitochondria of the cells(ATP is the bodies energy currency)

  • Helps prevent cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue and certain cancers

  • Reduces muscle damage which speeds recover and increases muscular endurance

  • Aids with muscle growth especially in fast-twitch muscles

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